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Greybeard's Recipe Index

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Greybeard's Recipe Index

Post by Greybeard » Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:52 pm


Pressure cooker recipes

Why use a pressure cooker? See this topic (Pressure/Slow Cookers).

Stovetop pressure cooker 15 PSI
Pressure cooker base V1.0
Pressure cooker base V2.0
Pressure cooker base V3.0 - Jamie Oliver style
Pressure cooker pre-cooked beef

Electric pressure cooker 10/11 PSI
Pre-cooked chicken

Non-pressure cooker recipes

Mix powder

EMP V1.0 (Experimental mix powder)

Bases, pre-cooked meat, ghee etc.

Pre-cooked chicken thighs
How to make ghee
How to use a tamarind block
5 minute garlic ginger paste
Fast pre-cooked chicken breast
Methi roast peppers and onions

Starters, rice and dips etc.

Chicken Chaat
Indian fried rice
Multi-coloured steamed rice
Tomato and cucumber salad

Curries & mains


Butter chicken
Chicken korma
Luxury CTM (Chicken Tikka Masala)
Methi chicken


Staff curry
Garlic chilli chicken
Kashmir chicken
Kori Gassi
Beef byriani
Doi Maach (White fish in yogurt)
Sali Boti (Lamb with apricots)
Chicken Bhuna


Baby Phal
Smokey scorched Scotsman


Can I change / modify the ingredients?

Of course, but the finished dish will taste different from what is portrayed here. Technique is important as well - even with the same ingredients I wouldn't necessarily expect the same result from 2 different chefs.

What base and mix do you generally use?

When I started out, I was quite religious about matching base and mix powder from the same chef. Curiosity has got the better of me over time, and I tend to experiment a lot more now with different bases and mix powders. My pressure cooker base is quite thick, and is a lot more intense than some of the other bases here - I am still working on the ideal consistency. As it is the first base I ever cooked (Thanks to Al's Kitchen for the inspiration), I am quite attached to it and use it regularly, albeit with different mix powders. If you are starting out, CA's or rshomes123 base and mix are excellent, as are the other mixes and bases I have tried here.

You have a base, but you don't have a mix powder? Are you planning one?

Once I get the base absolutely spot on there will be a Version 2, and then we will start on to the mix powder.

What measurements do you use?

All measurements are level metric spoons - e.g. 5ml = 1 tsp unless stated otherwise.

What is your favourite dish here?

The butter chicken - it is the first BIR curry I managed to cook "blind" not knowing what a good butter chicken tastes like. It is very popular with those who prefer milder curries, and I am asked to cook it often.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

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