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ScotchBonnet's Recipe Index

Moderator: ScotchBonnet

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ScotchBonnet's Recipe Index

Post by ScotchBonnet » Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:14 am

Mix Powder 1 - my standard simple mix powder. An exotic blend of carefully prepared whole seeds and select spices.

SB's Kilo-Base - my standard base gravy using everyday quantities: 1Kg onions, 400g tin of tomatoes etc.

SB's Pressure Cooker Base Gravy - a very simple base gravy using standard supermarket quantities and using a pressure cooker to reduce energy use and effort.

SB's small batch thick base - a slightly coconutty base gravy yielding enough for about 4-6 portions of curry.

Panch Phoran - a simple mixture of 5 types of seeds. Great in Bombay potatoes, veg. samosas, dahl, etc.

Basic curry paste - a useful all-round curry paste to use instead of mix powders etc. Keeps well and you can take it on a camping holiday, for instance. Add chilli to get the heat.

Basic onion goo - an onion paste for adding body and shine to an otherwise thin or boring curry.

Pre-cooked lamb - succulent chunks of marinated lamb cooked quickly in the oven. They remain pink in the middle and allow some leaway when heating up in a curry so that they don't end up over-done.

Seekh Kebabs - the best lamb meat is ground and then mixed with just a few select spices for a lovely savoury kebab that goes well with a number of sauces. Serve with salad and flat bread or rice. Can be ordered as a main or as a starter.

Garlic Chilli Chicken - for anyone who desires chilli, garlic, a classic curry experience this is a highly recommended dish. It has a firm fan-base following.

Chicken Korma - it really doesn't get much easier than this for a very satisfying mild classic. I am forced to make this, on average, once per week for certain members of my family who will not countenance any changes to the basic recipe.

(slightly) Lower Calorie Chicken Korma - no proper korma can truly be described as low calorie but this version contains just over half the fat of the regular version and is also just a little bit spicier to compensate and maintain the great flavour.

Chicken Chasni - a blast from the past; once Glasgow was sure that the world had accepted chicken tikka masala they foisted this mildly spicy, creamy, sweet-and-sour(ish) creation on the world. My youngest daughter's favourite.

Chicken Tikka Jaipuri - a favourite of mine from the early '90s; capsicum, mushroom and a lucious sauce. You can make your own chicken tikka or just buy a pack from your local frozen food shop.

Chicken Jalfrezi - there are, essentially, two versions of this that I have regularly encountered. Both have fried vegetables but one is a "typical" curry with sauce/gravy and the other is a bit drier and hotter with a soothing, creamy sauce poured over it just before serving.

Chicken Achari - a nice hottish dish with a sauce enlivened by the addition of Indian pickles.

Chicken Pathia - I always think of a pathia as being the curry with the runniest sauce. It's not thick, it's not too oily and (if you're not careful) the chicken can be a bit bland, but this version is designed to deliver that authentic feel and taste with succulent cuts of chicken floating in a sweet and tangy sauce containg mango and well-balanced spices.

Pudina Gosht - lamb with mint sauce, Indian-style. Simply sublime.

King Prawn Madras - king prawns are cooked but still tender and combined with a spicy sauce which is hot yet does not mask the flavour of the basic ingredients.

Chicken Madras (standard version) - a typical restaurant-style madras which will delight those who appreciate spiciness but which will also not be too hot for those seeking to try something more adventurous.

SB's cheap 'n' easy Madras - this is a dish ideally suited to three blokes (or blokesses, or a combination thereof) who come home from the pub and who want a quick, no-nonsense curry using stuff in the freezer and cupboard. Get the rice on, take the chicken out of the freezer and a wonderful feast for all can be made in under 30 minutes.

Chicken Ceylon - this dish combines the heat of fresh chillies with slightly sweet and creamy coconut for a most pleasing blend.

Chicken Vindaloo - this is a traditional Goan dish for the lover of hotter curries that also contains a flavoursome combination of spices that will not disappoint. Yoghurt is available on request should any of our diners find that they require it.

Chicken Dhansak - a lovely blend of delicately-spiced chicken married with exquisitely-prepared lentils inspired by the great Parsi cooking influence, A medium-hot dish but please ask if you would prefer added chillies.

Murgh Multani Korma - a mild-to-medium strength dish from the Kashmir region made with cream and ground cashew nuts. No coconut and not quite as sweet as a "regular" korma.


Spiced onions - a simple onion dish for scooping up with papadum at the start of a BIR-style meal or for serving with pakora, grilled meats etc.

Onion Pilau Rice - delicately flavoured and beautifully cooked to rice which will prove an ideal companion to any of our curry dishes.

Easy mushroom rice - just three (four if you count water) ingredients, a microwave oven and a pan.


Rajasthani mixed vegetable - a simple, yet satisfying, curry with a hint of exotic spices. Acceptable to Vegans.

Vegetable Biryani - a traditional Mughlai dish loaded with chopped vegetables and delicate spices and served with a spicy curry sauce.

Aloo Matar - potatoes and peas; a staple for millions.

One-Pot Dal - easy to make, cheap and very, very versatile.

Pressure cooker dhal - modern technology is married here with traditional ingredients to create a lovely lentil dish whilst being kind to the environment in its low use of energy.

Besan Mirchi - spiced green peppers in chickpea flour. Very moreish.

Mushroom Matar - delicately spiced mushrooms to get the appetite going or as an accompaniment to your favourite main dish. Can also be served on puri for a more filling starter or small main dish in its own right.

Rajma Masala - red beans in a spicy gravy. A popular dish of any Punjabi household.

Matar Paneer - pieces of Indian cheese are sautéed in vegetable oil and then simmered with peas in a flavoursome sauce to create this delicious North Indian meat-free classic.

Kadai Paneer Masala - pieces of Indian cheese cooked with peppers and onion and simmered in a lightly-spices tomato sauce which is thickened with the addition of ground cashew nuts.

Nepali Lamb Pakuwa - this is a special-order dish for lovers of hot meat curries. Please let us know a day in advance and our chefs will gladly prepare this dish for you and your friends. It is one of our staff favourites.

Aloo Matar
Chicken Chasni
Chicken Achari
Chicken Achari 20160128.jpg
Fried Vegetables for Jalfrezi
Chicken Korma
Chicken Madras
Rajasthani Mixed Vegetables (as a side portion)
Chicken Ceylon
One-Pot Dal
One-Pot Dal 2.jpg
Besan Mirchi
Mushroom Matar
Mushroom matar.jpg
Vegetable Biryani
Kadai Paneer Masala
Chicken Korma (left) and Chicken Pathia (right)
"There is no such thing as too much oil; just an insufficiency of naan".

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Re: ScotchBonnet's Recipe Index

Post by charliebir » Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:12 am

Thanks SB.

Will try some of these soon !

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Cory Ander
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Re: ScotchBonnet's Recipe Index

Post by Cory Ander » Mon Feb 08, 2016 11:43 pm

Nicely done, SB, thanks for taking the time and effort! :thumbup:

CA (aka Admin) :)

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Re: ScotchBonnet's Recipe Index

Post by rshome123 » Tue Feb 09, 2016 12:00 am

Top Notch SB.

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