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About The Beginners' Guide

A "Quick Start" for members new to BIR style curry cooking - basic techniques and simple recipes to get you started on your BIR-style curry cooking adventures.
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About The Beginners' Guide

Post by Cory Ander » Sat Nov 21, 2015 8:01 am

Beginners' Guide

New members can immediately access the recipes in this section without having to first make the small number of posts that are otherwise required to access the other recipe sections of the forum.

New members to this forum often ask "where do I start?", "which curry base and spice mix is suitable for a beginner?", "where can I find a simple Madras recipe?", etc.

This intent of this section is to help new members who are new to British Indian Restaurant (BIR) style cooking and who are looking for a "quick start" in order to acquaint themselves with the basic principles and techniques used in cooking BIR style curries.

The recipes in this section are designed with the beginner and, therefore, with simplicity in mind. There are undoubtedly many better recipes on this forum (i.e. for spice mixes, curry bases, main dishes and rice). Nonetheless, these recipes are intended to be representative of the BIR style of cooking whilst having the benefit that the required quantities of ingredients are kept to a minimum. Therefore, new members can easily acquaint themselves with the BIR style of cooking without having to first invest in large quantities of a wide range of (sometimes exotic!) ingredients. Hopefully, the simple recipes in this section will help new members get up-and-running with cooking BIR style curries in next to no time! We believe you will also find that the resultant curries are also perfectly acceptable and that they will undoubtedly impress both you and your fellow diners!

You will find the following recipes in this section (You will need to make the Simple Spice Mix in order to make the Simple Curry Base in order to make the 2 main dishes):
And the final dishes, ready to go:
Simple Chicken Korma & Madras 2.jpg
Chicken Korma, Chicken Madras & Pilau Rice
There are also some introductory threads on the British Indian Restaurant style of cooking (and how it differs from more traditional Indian cooking methods):
Once you have acquainted yourself with be basic principles, you will undoubtedly want to access the other recipes on the forum and will have developed the confidence to experiment for yourself....which is, needless to say, all part of the fun!

Bon Voyage! 8-)

CA (aka Admin) :)

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Re: About The Beginners' Guide

Post by TheMozartThug » Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:19 pm

Thank you for this section... Will get me started before i invest!

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