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How to Get "An Introduction to BIR Curries" (PDF Version)!

Obtain your copy of "AN INTRODUCTION TO BRITISH INDIAN RESTAURANT CURRIES" NOW! (100% of proceeds are donated to charity!)
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How to Get "An Introduction to BIR Curries" (PDF Version)!

Post by Admin » Sun Nov 16, 2014 12:46 pm

An Introduction to British Indian Restaurant Curries

100% of Proceeds Donated Directly to Charity!
cover pic.jpg
Back cover 2.jpg
Over the past 5 months we (i.e. Alchemist and CA) have been writing an e-book entitled An Introduction to British Indian Restaurant Curries. The e-book is a compilation of recipes, photographs and information posted on this forum, with specific contributions from Alchemist, British Indian, Cory Ander, Chukitinabuket, Westy, MonsieurBadgerCheese, Pauly and Harrythephot.

The e-book is primarily aimed at anyone who is new to British Indian Restaurant (BIR) cooking. It contains over 100 pages and 33 recipes with comprehensive sections on the equipment and techniques required to produce a great tasting curry (the techniques section runs to 10 pages alone, with step by step instructions along with photographs). We have strived to keep the subject as simple and as straightforward as possible, answering many of the questions that have been frequently asked on this and other forums over the years.

The photo below shows the contents page (which we have crafted to resemble a takeaway menu!). As you can see, we have stuck to the old curry favourites, such as Korma, Jalfrezi and Vindaloo, rather than trendy chef's specials.
We've taken a lot of care, not only with the contents of the e-book, but also with the layout and with the ease of navigation. Nearly all the recipes have been structured to fit onto a single page. The e-book is in pdf format and has been tested to ensure that it performs well with most computers and tablet devices (although no guarantee or warranty is given that it will work on your particular device). There are also numerous hyperlinks in the e-book so that any cross-references are quick and easy to find. Each recipe is accompanied by a high quality photo taken of the dish made using the recipe in the e-book. The photos will hopefully indicate what the end result should resemble. We feel that this is one of the most comprehensive beginners' guides on BIR curry cooking available, with a detailed, illustrated, section on curry cooking technique, enabling rookie chefs to cook great tasting BIR curries as quickly as possible.
dopiaza 3.jpg
Jalfrezi (original).jpg

This e-book has been a labour of love and has been born out of a mutual passion for BIR curries. 100% of the proceeds, from sales, go directly to a number of international charities. Apart from raising money for charity, we hope that this e-book also publicises and promotes our lively and friendly forum and attracts new and enthusiastic members to it.

We would like to ask that all members of this forum help us to publicise and promote this e-book and to consider getting a copy for either themselves or for their friends and family.


CA & Alchemist

Follow these 3 easy steps to get you copy of this e-book, :

Step 1:

DONATE AT LEAST £5 (please feel free to donate more if you wish!) to one of the following International charities of your choice by clicking on the associated link (or "right click" on the associated link and select "Open link in new tab/window") which will redirect you to the donations page for that charity

PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU REQUEST AN OFFICIAL RECEIPT stating your name, email address, date of donation and amount of donation - the e-book will not be issued without it (no refunds will be given)! Note: You may have to check your spam/junk email folder for the receipt reply email:

BBC Children In Need

The Salvation Army


Save The Children

Step 2:


The best and easiest way to do this is to simply forward the entire email (including headers) that you will receive from the charity when they confirm your donation (check your junk mail!). This will include all of the information required (i.e. date of donation, amount of donation, name and email address of donor and receipt reference number) to issue you with your e-book.


Step 3:

Your copy of the e-book will then be sent to the e-mail address on your receipt.


Please note that donating to charity, to acquire a copy of our ebook, is totally independent of the Donating Member Option.

Thank you for your donations! 8-)
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