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We are very pleased to announce that our e-book "An Introduction to British Indian Restaurant Curries" is now finalised and is available (please click "play", below, to watch our promotional video)!
























This e-book is a compilation of recipes, photographs and information posted on our FORUM, with specific contributions from several of our members who have, together, amassed over 80 years of experience in replicating British Indian Restaurant (BIR) curries (some of whom make and sell them as a profession!).


The e-book is primarily aimed at anyone who is new to BIR cooking (although we expect it to also be of interest to the more experienced curry chef!). It contains over 100 pages and 33 recipes with comprehensive sections on the equipment and techniques required to produce a great tasting curry (there are 10 pages on the important techniques, alone, with step-by-step instructions and photographs). We have strived to keep the subject as simple and as straightforward as possible, answering many of the questions that have been frequently asked on this and other curry forums over the years.


The photo below shows the contents page (which we have crafted to resemble a takeaway menu!). As you can see, we have stuck to the old curry favourites, such as Korma, Jalfrezi and Vindaloo, rather than trendy chef's specials.

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We've taken a lot of care, not only with the contents of the e-book, but also with the layout and with the ease of navigation. Nearly all the recipes have been structured to fit onto a single page. The e-book is in pdf format and has been tested to ensure that it performs well with most computers and tablet devices (although no guarantee or warranty is given that it will work on your particular device). There are also numerous hyperlinks in the e-book so that any cross-references are quick and easy to find. Each recipe is accompanied by a high quality photo taken of the dish made using the recipe in the e-book. The photos will hopefully indicate what the end result should resemble. We feel that this is one of the most comprehensive beginners' guides on BIR curry cooking available, with a detailed, illustrated, section on curry cooking technique, enabling rookie chefs to cook great tasting BIR curries as quickly as possible.

Onion Bhajis

Here is what some that have bought the e-book have had to say::


"Nice straight forward information with excellent dishes provided from members of the forum, Simple but very informative to create a BIR curry at home"


"Great job guys. A really well presented and written book. Probably the best introduction there is for newcomers to the BIR quest. Also a valuable addition to the book collection of the more experienced cooks!"


"Very well put together document, which is especially useful for beginners, and will serve as an easy reference to some of the best recipes out there. I particularly like the section on technique which other eBooks have tended not to focus on...All in all, an absolute bargain for the minimum £5 donation"


"The madras I made tonight certainly had the look and smell of a BIR curry and the taste was superb...This book is top. I've always been thereabouts with curries but never nailed one and following this I got the taste on the first attempt...Very well written for a beginner to follow and the techniques section and stage photos made the process reassuring that I'd not screwed up somewhere...A good £5 to a good charity and a happy curry lover!"


"What an informative book, So well laid out and straight forward"


"Absolutely brilliantly laid out. I especially like the index and the way it's so easy to get to the bits you need so quickly."


"A fantastic piece of work guys....will certainly encourage my curryholic friends to try the way of the BIR curry using this book as a tutorial."


"Got my copy, and it is great. This is by far one of the best recipe books I have ever purchased. Very happy to know that the only beneficiaries are us and worthy charities"


"a well presentable and easy reading book"


"Have had the ebook for a month now and had breakthrough for the first time with two curries and delicious onion bajees. Printed off the book perfectly onto a4 as well. This is the first book I've used (tried many others) and loved the results. It's also rare to fine something clear, descriptive and user friendly"








EBook - An Introduction to British Indian Restaurant Curries

100% of Proceeds are Donated to Charity!


This e-book has been a labour of love and has been born out of a mutual passion for BIR curries. 100% of the proceeds go directly to a number of international charities. Apart from raising money for charity, we hope that this e-book also publicises and promotes our lively and friendly forum and attracts new and enthusiastic members to it.